Japanese Candy Box Dagashi 50 Sweets Snacks & Candy, Gum, Gummy, Ramune


Traditional Japanese Candy (Dagashi)
A delicious mix of Japanese Candy, Chocolate, Ramune, Gum, Chips, Traditional dried snacks
1.5lbs, 50 Pieces of Yummy Japanese Goodies



DIY Pudding Gokko
Practice Chocolate
Big Carrot Puffs
Sherbet Pero Soda
Yummy Stick x 6
Dora Chocolate
Jelly Beans
Fortune Chocolate
Onigiri Senbei Rice Crackers
Yoghurt Jelly x 3
Twist Marshmallow x 2
Character Gum x 3
Fruit Gum Field x 2
Quantity Chocolate
Powder Fruit Drink x 3
Ramen Abekko
Prime Gum Stick
Soda Gummy
Yaitara Strips
Tarou Jerky Strip
Tarou Unagi Strip
Mochi Tarou Chips
Ice Sweet
Tako Chips
Chocloate Shimi Corn
Cash Ika
Whistle Gum
Massive Katsu
Pizza Chips
Wasabi Beans
Maken Mini Gummy
Star Sweet
Mini Bottle
Mini Fruit Sweet x 2
Hello-Chu Mushy Sweet x 2

★Some gadgets could change barely or be unavailable at occasions★

Conventional Japanese Sweet (Dagashi)
A scrumptious mixture of Japanese Sweet, Chocolate, Ramune, Gum, Chips, Conventional dried snacks
1.5lbs, 50 Items of Yummy Japanese Goodies
All gadgets have no less than 2-Three months earlier than their greatest earlier than dates
Free Airmail! Common Delivery Time 1-2 Weeks



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