Simply Sweets Super Retro Sweet Hamper Gift Box. Packed with The Best Retro Sweets. A Perfect Hamper for Birthdays, Get…


The perfect gift box for any occasion. Birthdays, Christmas, Get Well Soon …
98 of the best retro sweets in each hamper
Only the best retro sweets, quality and freshness guaranteed


Our Merely Sweets tremendous retro candy reward field is crammed stuffed with all the very best retro sweets, it’s nostalgia at its greatest! An ideal hamper for all events and ages, from the little ones to Grandad and Nan, we assure they’ll find it irresistible. Crammed with 98 retro sweets. Contents: 1x Rainbow Drops massive bag, 10x Rainbow Mud, 2x Flumps, 1x Sweet sticks, 1X Fruit Salad Chew Bar, 1x Balck Jakc Chew Bar, 1x Authentic Refresher Chew Bar, 1x Strawberry Refresher Chew Bar, 1x Vimto Chew Bar, 2x Love Hearts Small Rolls, 1x Wine Gummies, 1x Double Dip, 2x Drumstick Lollies, 2x Parma Violets, 2x Fizzers, 2x Double Lollies, 1x Fini Curler, 1x Fini Increase Vampire Gum, 1x Fini Cola Bottle Gum, 1x Fini Burger Gum, 1x Fini Destroyer Gum, 1x Fini Tennis Ball Gum, 3x Anglo Bubbly, 1x Maoam Cola Stripe, 1x Fizz Wiz, 1x Dip Dap, 2x Fruit Salad Chews, 2x Black Jack Chews, 1x Drumstick Chew Bar, 1x Wham Bar, 1x White Mice Packet, 3x Spearmint Chews, 1x Bubblegum Drumstick Lollie, 20x Flying Saucers, 1x Packet Atomic Blast, 1x Haribo Starmix Small Packet, 1x Fizzy Wine Gummies, 3x Swizzels Enjoyable Packs, 1x Refresher Apple Chew Bar, 1x Swizzels Whistle, 1x Gummy Pizza, 3x Swizzels Butterscotch, 2x Refresher Chews, 3x Chocolate Cash, 4x Vidal Lollies, 1x Fudgy Wudgy, 1x Stinger Chew Bar.

The right reward field for any event. Birthdays, Christmas, Get Properly Quickly …
98 of the very best retro sweets in every hamper
Solely the very best retro sweets, high quality and freshness assured
An excellent hamper for any age
Fashionable distinctive enjoyable field, making the right current



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