Star Box of Classic Retro Sweets


Star Box of Classic Retro Sweets
Attractive star pattern carboard box
Ideal Party Bag Filler


A set of retro sweets packed right into a star patterned carboard field. Field measures 15cm sq. and 3cm deep. Inside you can see 5 Black Jacks, pack of Bubble king bubble-gum, a Sweet Whistles, Dib Dab, 2 double Lollies, three Fizzers, 5 Fruit Salads, a Jawbreaker, 2 packs of Maoam Boxx, numerous flavours, three Parma Violets, a packet of Popping Sweet and four Refreshers.. WOW

Star Field of Traditional Retro Sweets
Enticing star sample carboard field
Best Get together Bag Filler
Effectively offered
Traditional Sweets



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